Saturday, April 02, 2016

The true problem

  Racism and xenophobia in general doesn’t just hurt those subjected to it in a given society, but everyone in it, because it poisons that given society, making it a very unpleasant place to live.
  Minorities and migrants get the brunt of it, of course, since they’re directly harmed by it, but many people supporting them are also attacked directly, both physically and mentally. They’re called traitors and worse by the eager racist zealots. People helping the refugees in Greece, for instance have actually received death threats.
  A society dominated by such a horrible view on what humanity is supposed to be isn’t a very harmonic and pleasant society at all.
  Yes, the racist/anti-migration supporters are the problem, the huge problem, not minorities, not refugees, not migrants. The very idea that foreigners bring trouble is preposterous. They bring very necessary change and spice to our lives.
  I’m very happy and proud that I’m a part of a growing underbelly of society and humanity saying no to old horrors and embracing the new, exciting world of true multiculturalism.

  Those in charge of a given society encourage xenophobia because it distracts people from what’s truly wrong in that society.
  It’s time for us to say a big NO to both the ugly mass of xenophobes and their masters.

Friday, July 17, 2015

Civilization - the great lie

  «The great lie is that it is civilization. It is not civilized. It has been literally the most bloodthirsty, brutalizing system ever imposed on this planet. That is not civilization. That’s the great lie, that it represents civilization.
  Or if it truly represents civilization and that’s truly what civilization is, than the great lie is that civilization is good for us». John Trudell

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Why atheists celebrate Christmas

  I asked the question five years ago. I didn't really get an answer then and I haven't really got an answer since.
  The closest I've come to getting it can basically be summed up in one sentence: «It belongs to everyone».
  As if it’s a good thing.
  It is really true. You get most disappointed by people you think should know better. Atheists celebrating Christmas are nothing but apologists for the greed and fanaticism of capitalism and Christianity.
  It’s very important to expose events like Christmas for what they truly are and not give in, and join in on the deception, and thereby supporting it.
  Whether you call it Christmas or Xmas is totally irrelevant.
  If you want to celebrate any official or semi-official day these days or nights celebrate the Winter Solstice and do so at December 21.

Monday, November 03, 2014

Interfaith my ass

  So called interfaith discussion groups, often run and moderated by Wicca practitioners aren’t really discussion groups at all, but places «thriving» on censorship, where all true disagreement is squashed.
  It’s easy to see why they exist. Religious groups are very similar and that they seek common ground shouldn't come as a surprise to anybody.
  The true objective is to squash critical voices and people criticizing religion.
  I’m pagan, pagan as in not Wicca. Wicca is just one more religion, one more dogmatic belief system. Its proponents, even though there are individual differences of course want to dam, even block what they call negative emotions and all expression of it. They also censor what they deem inappropriate. How very Christian of them and to all true pagans they seem very much like Christian light, not only fluffy bunnies (a very appropriate term)… Honest people are being banned constantly from such gatherings. That’s not pagan to me. Pagans, to me and many other witches embrace and savor all human emotion, leaving nothing behind.
  I guess interfaith gatherings are better than them waging war against each other, but in truth it isn’t so different. The true war is the one they are waging against all the rest of us, those rejecting religion and decrying it as a truly negative influence in human life.

  For further reading I recommend this piece - The Raging Witch - which is a great deeper study of the subject.

Monday, October 06, 2014


  Some males, as incredible as that sounds or should sound see feminism as a threat to their manhood. They’re not very confident or mature, I guess.
  Some equally insecure females are afraid that they will not appear to be sufficiently «feminine», as if feminine means being weak and subservient and dependent.
  The main reason for this set of thoughts is that we’re raised in a patriarchal society, with its twisted view on human relations. We are trained by its propaganda to behave in certain ways, ways far from natural. Males are encouraged to dominate and females to be dominated in such a society. That rape is seen as an entitlement in an environment like that isn't strange at all.
  Without the power of feminism we would be stuck in those age-old delusions, and women would probably have no say over their own lives at all. We would be nothing but those pretty dolls misogynists prefer us to be. Young girls should think very carefully before supporting any attack on feminism. They are used in a ploy in order to make them insignificant. Please wake up, girls, and kick those disgusting misogynists in the balls instead.
  The obvious take on this is that sex and everything, all human interaction, actually should come from mutual interest and/or respect between two or more people. Is the word «mutual» really that hard to understand?

Sunday, July 13, 2014

I am a Palestinian

  «Ich bin ein Palestiner».
  In case you’re wondering: that’s me, paraphrasing John Fitzgerald Kennedy…

  Israel’s ongoing attack on and disintegration of Palestine is in truth an attack on us all, our very humanity. I feel enraged and dirty and all extremes of human emotion while I experience this from afar, through alternative, independent media. It’s like watching the colonization of what is now called America as it happens. That, too, was a fairly slow, ongoing process, with its many massacres at uneven intervals. All US governments and its establishment eagerly aided the process, just like in Israel.
  Shame on you if you think this is wrong or exaggerated. Facts speak like blood every single day and night in Palestine, in the suffering and death of an entire people, including its children, tortured and imprisoned and killed by uncaring Israeli soldiers, men and women obviously enjoying what they do.
  Zionist colonization of Palestine was a well-crafted plan, and is more than hundred years’ old. It was a bad thing from the start and has turned from bad to worse since then.

Wednesday, July 02, 2014

Property is theft

  Period! Possession is nine tenth of the law. The law is made by the rich and powerful in order to benefit the rich and the powerful, against those with little or nothing. All rich men/women have walked over dead bodies to get where they are. The rich has not worked to get where they are. Their workers/slaves have done that for them. If the rich should give to charity it isn't admirable at all. The money isn't theirs to give. They have stolen it from the rest of us.
  That should pretty much cover it.

Saturday, April 05, 2014


  Nope, the extreme Global Warming we see today wouldn't have happened without human activity. It happens faster and with far more powerful consequences compared to «natural variations». This solemn and obvious truth only rejected by dumb and greedy jerks should have made us change our lives in fundamental ways. We must change society completely, in a way far more favorable to nature. We should have done so long ago. As it is now we are pretty much like the elephant in a china store, ruining everything, including our own means of survival. We commit collective suicide. And not just because of the human created climate change, but due to virtually all minor and major decisions we make or don’t make.

Monday, November 11, 2013

The ongoing struggle

  On Haymarket November 11, 1887 four anarchists were executed after being convicted on triumphed up charges. One of them Albert Parsons proclaimed in his closing speech at his trial - «Your ballot – what is it good for? Can a man vote himself bread, or clothes, or shelter, or work? In what does American wage-slaves' freedom consist? The poor are the slaves of the rich everywhere. The ballot is neither a protection against hunger nor against the bullets of the military. Bread is freedom; freedom bread. The ballot is no protection against the bullets of those who are practicing the street-riot drills in Chicago. The ballot is worthless to the industrial slave under these conditions. The palaces of the rich overshadow the homes or huts of the poor, and we say with Victor Hugo, that the paradise of the rich is made out of the hells of the poor. The whole force of the organized power of the government is thrown against the workers, whom the so-called better class denominate a mob».