Monday, November 03, 2014

Interfaith my ass

  So called interfaith discussion groups, often run and moderated by Wicca practitioners aren’t really discussion groups at all, but places «thriving» on censorship, where all true disagreement is squashed.
  It’s easy to see why they exist. Religious groups are very similar and that they seek common ground shouldn't come as a surprise to anybody.
  The true objective is to squash critical voices and people criticizing religion.
  I’m pagan, pagan as in not Wicca. Wicca is just one more religion, one more dogmatic belief system. Its proponents, even though there are individual differences of course want to dam, even block what they call negative emotions and all expression of it. They also censor what they deem inappropriate. How very Christian of them and to all true pagans they seem very much like Christian light, not only fluffy bunnies (a very appropriate term)… Honest people are being banned constantly from such gatherings. That’s not pagan to me. Pagans, to me and many other witches embrace and savor all human emotion, leaving nothing behind.
  I guess interfaith gatherings are better than them waging war against each other, but in truth it isn’t so different. The true war is the one they are waging against all the rest of us, those rejecting religion and decrying it as a truly negative influence in human life.

  For further reading I recommend this piece - The Raging Witch - which is a great deeper study of the subject.