Monday, November 11, 2013

The ongoing struggle

  On Haymarket November 11, 1887 four anarchists were executed after being convicted on triumphed up charges. One of them Albert Parsons proclaimed in his closing speech at his trial - «Your ballot – what is it good for? Can a man vote himself bread, or clothes, or shelter, or work? In what does American wage-slaves' freedom consist? The poor are the slaves of the rich everywhere. The ballot is neither a protection against hunger nor against the bullets of the military. Bread is freedom; freedom bread. The ballot is no protection against the bullets of those who are practicing the street-riot drills in Chicago. The ballot is worthless to the industrial slave under these conditions. The palaces of the rich overshadow the homes or huts of the poor, and we say with Victor Hugo, that the paradise of the rich is made out of the hells of the poor. The whole force of the organized power of the government is thrown against the workers, whom the so-called better class denominate a mob».

Tuesday, November 05, 2013

My experience with protests and cops

  I have been an activist for more than twenty years, in Denmark and all over the world. I've been shot at, had my bones broken by experts (and their clubs) and generally speaking experienced everything there is to experience in the hands of the tyrants’ bullies.
  The crackdown on protesters may happen in a number of ways. We are usually victims of hard surveillance and harassment between engagements and often imprisoned before the protests even begin.
  During the protests they confront us in vast numbers, often numbers exceeding ours. What usually happens is that they charge us, on horses, with their dogs and clubs. This is when they don’t care if people witness their brutality or not. They just beat up on us with everything they have, and then they arrest us. If they don’t attack outright they use officers in civilian clothing in order to better pick us up and arrest us one on one. I have been shot at several times. I haven’t been hit, but several fellow protesters close to me have been.
  There is no need for them to bother with people’s reactions to their brutality, of course, since most people buy their rather outrageous explanations wholesale without the slightest truly critical thought. Most people are constantly lapping up all the important lies and deceit coming from those in charge and their eager servants and bullies.
  After the arrest we may sit on a given sidewalk for hours, no matter the weather or the temperature. We always make sure to put on warm clothes, even in the summer, but sometimes, under various pretexts they strip us and force us to sit there almost nude. If it is major protest (or not), during one of those G8 meetings, for instance they usually take us to a cold, dark place with provisional cells and make us stay there for days. And you can just forget about legal representation.
  After they let us out, usually without charging us with anything they step up the surveillance and harassment.
  It never actually stops.
  I have had my bones broken, suffered invasive hands in my private parts (my cunt) and tried several times to take it all to court. In vain, of course.
  The police are not there to protect us or our rights, that's for sure.
  This as a brief summary. Click on the links for details.
  Those in charge play this cat and mouse game with us they call democracy. Don’t be foolish enough to believe there is any honesty there, except each time they break your bones, terrorize you or shoot you.
  That is their honesty.

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Friday, September 27, 2013

On the subject of «New World Order», its perceived desire to exterminate ninety percent of humanity and similar claims

  It's bullshit, quite frankly. First: there is no «new world order», but the same ol', same ol'. Second: those old forces in charge are perfectly happy with having billions suffer in degradation and poverty. They need that overabundance of slaves.
  The claim that the UN will implement a socialist world government is completely ridiculous. If only it was true.

  Those using much energy on stating such obviously false claims are helping those in charge by distracting people from the true issues.

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

The world turned on its head

  Clean and healthy food is far more expensive than the poisonous and unhealthy «food» found in most stores.
  Soaps and shampoos without parabenes and perfume and poisons are far more expensive and widespread in the modern community than what is making us sick and killing us.
  Go figure.
  Rich people can easily afford healthy products. those struggling financially cant. The war on those living in poverty rages on.
  The world is turned on its head again. It doesn't matter whether or not anything is healthy and truly natural as long as it sells, as long as those making it make a buck. As we suffer in a society that is pervasively oppressive, we’re also deprived of what we need to survive and thrive, both mentally and physically.
  We suffer a regime that is unhealthy in all meanings of the word.
  Those in charge clearly want it that way, and it is up to us to change it, to correct everything that is so very wrong in our world.

Monday, July 01, 2013

Very true statements exposing US & Obama hypocrisy and war crimes

  Obama called "war criminal" & "hypocrite of the century" in Irish parliament. Both very true statements.

  "Don't come lecturing us about liberty. You need a reality check. Don't act like a spoiled rude child. Here you will only find dignity and sovereignty. Here we haven't invaded anyone. Here we don't torture like in Guantanamo. Here we don't have drones killing alleged terrorist without any due trial, killing also the women and children of those supposed terrorists. So don't come lecturing us about life, law, dignity, or liberty. You don't have the moral right to do so." - Rafael Correa, President of Ecuador

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

The horrors of statutory rape

  I think the term «statutory rape» should be removed from the law. At best there are countless examples of its horrific consequences. One of the partners may be just above what the law describes as legal age and the other right below it. He or she who is  right above, only a day will be convicted of rape and get many years in jail, and also end up in rape registers, a horror suffered by both sexes. Is the situation different when one partner is many years older? To a point, yes. But to say that a teenager isn't a sexual being and claim that a minor doesn't understand the consequences of his or her acts isn't doing them any favors. The entire modern human community’s understanding of sexuality is warped and the victims are many. That is also true when it comes to the fact that we live in a rape culture, partly glorifying true rape. Like everybody should realize: rape has nothing to do with sex, but with power, and also in this context the term «statutory rape» becomes a terrible distinction.

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Three countries of horror

  I was born in canada, am a norwegian citizen and live in denmark. All three countries have soldiers in Afghanistan and it DISGUSTS me. There is no true justification for having soldiers there and the many attempts at justification are nothing but sickening propaganda. Like the invasion itself, it is an aggressive, brutal act typical of NATO. And we should definitely not hold a public funeral every time a mass murderer returns home in a casket.

Monday, April 22, 2013

No, it’s not a happy Earth Day

  The reasons for this are obvious: there are no signs of improvement. On the contrary, the forces of destruction are waxing, not waning. The forces of life are waning, not waxing.
  We, humanity must stop seeking solutions to the many problems we face within the parameters of current mainstream society. It should be self-evident to everybody interested by now that such solutions are making everything go from bad to worse and causing true solutions to be ever farther away from being implemented.
  Those in charge, content in their position at the top of the pyramid don’t want solutions. They are happy to force-feed us useless pseudo-solutions and illusions of grandeur.
  You don’t look for technological solutions, don’t pretend that what will make everything worse will make everything better. Advanced technology and closing our eyes for its horrors and dangers brought us where we are today.
  We must open our eyes, not fervently keeping them closed.
  Civilization must be abandoned, not further «developed». The wholesale destruction brought on by civilization must stop, must stop now.

Sunday, March 31, 2013

Behind the illusion

  There are many ongoing propaganda campaigns, many elaborate deceptions that have become so successful that they have replaced obvious truths in the public’s mind, that have done so to such a degree that to even suggest that it is lies put forth by a smooth propaganda machine is seen as hearsay.
  Western people’s acceptance of the ongoing Zionist atrocities in Palestine is one.
  The image of the United States as a benevolent democracy is clearly another, perhaps the worst and certainly the most devastating.
  A good number three is the flawless image of Tibet before the Chinese intervention in 1951.
  I get increasingly irritated every time I see yet another quaint quote from the so called Dalai Lama. He can go almost anywhere and be viewed as a sort of second coming. Liberals perceiving themselves as intelligent people have become his eager court, spreading his deception wherever he goes. They gorge on his every word and don’t even attempt to look at him with critical eyes, are not even close at seeing through his charade and hypocrisy.
  Checking of the facts reveals a completely different story.
  Tibet before 1951 was a brutal and oppressive hierarchy ruled by a sadistic Buddhist priesthood. Ordinary people had little or no say in their own lives and were practically slaves to the priests. The Dalai Lama of the time was akin to a king with absolute authority, one which every word was law. The ruling elite subjected ninety percent of the population to horrible atrocities beggaring description. Torture, dismemberment, gouging out eyes, people being skinned alive, rapes and worse were the order of the day.
  The Chinese can hardly be called benevolent either, in any way, but they are minor bullies compared to the tyranny they replaced. They elevated the common man in Tibet and ended or at least attempted to end centuries of inequality, a feudal society making those in Europe and Japan during the middle ages seem like heavens in comparison.
  The Western anti-Chinese, anti-communist information flow after 1951 erased all that, in one of the most successful propaganda campaigns ever. The cruel priests and their brutal enforcers became victims of the «inhuman Chinese military» in the skewed western coverage. Every time the priests attempt to reclaim their authority, and the Chinese stops them from doing so is presented in western media as yet another brutal strike at liberty and democracy. Once again representatives for those in charge twist the truth to suit their purposes. Western countries have a long history of supporting tyranny and this is definitely one of those many times. Countless private and public western organizations work tirelessly to collect funds and to reinstate the brutal theocracy in Tibet, the Tibetan exiles, including the current «Dalai Lama», with contributions from the CIA, among others, enjoying a lavish lifestyle, one deliberately hidden from public view.
  He has supported all recent US-led invasions in Iraq and Afghanistan and elsewhere. The propaganda has made him out to be a champion of non-violence, a modern Gandhi, but he is nothing of the sort. It’s all just more smoke and mirrors.
  Anyone with a truly open mind doing basic research on this will see the concealed truth appear. As is often the case: Facts aren't erased, only hidden from casual curiosity and easily reclaimed by a truly inquisitive mind. Only those mired in dogmatism and brainwashed by established media will fail to see it.
  I knew it was bad, but I didn't realize how bad it actually was. We all tend to be surprised faced with forces of oppression, with people «growing» only when they can rule and brutalize others.
  Buddhism is often presented as the benign religion, or as proof that religion can be benign, for some reason, but it is clear that it isn't any better than the others, all the others.
  The biggest propaganda coup ever, of course is the perception of religion as benevolent, while it is clearly the most malevolent and vile force on the face of the Earth.

Sunday, March 03, 2013


  It is time for us all to stop paying, stop paying altogether for watching movies, listening to music and reading books from established publishers/production companies and buying software from greedy companies and watching mainstream television. In case you’re blind and deaf and stupid and haven’t noticed they use their vast income to further subjugate us all in ever more oppressive ways.
  Many people can’t afford it anyway, and are thus closed off from yet another aspect of the modern community. I decided early on that I wouldn't stand for it and have used tons of pirated software. I haven’t paid for music and films for ten years. And yes, I want all of you to join me in this.
  The big companies’ claim that they are the defenders of intellectual property is laughable and people believing them are idiots. Another, not much talked about aspect of what’s currently happening is that those selfsame big companies attempt to acquire all rights to everything, from medical papers to dead artists. Their true, insidious plan is to control all information, making all content theirs and thus manage us even more than they do already.
  The branch organizations, such as MPAA are among the worst terror organizations on the planet. Well aided by the all the politicians they pay off, they make ever more draconian laws and must be stopped.
  Fascism, the intimate cooperation between politicians/government and the corporations has been a reality for a very long time, and is one of the worst aspects of modern existence.
  The corporate domination will cease when we stop buying what they are selling, all that they are selling.

Monday, January 21, 2013

Orwell Day

  It is that day again, when we celebrate a writer or human being long dead, doing so by pulling his fangs and claws, ignoring anything that made him or her dangerous.
  This is nothing new, but an «honored» tradition. By praising once dangerous people those in charge create the impression that their harsh words about those in charge are no longer an issue.
  What totally «amazes» me is how little people have absorbed of Orwell's warnings and words. They've practically ignored him and them and are doing so today as well, strange as that may sound to you.
  It certainly seems very strange to me, making me shake my head in disbelief and contempt.
  Everybody should easily be able to see that all his dystopian predictions and more have come true, but they don’t. They keep closing their eyes for the obvious, for unpleasant truths.
  Many «leaders», like Tony Blair have used 1984 as an instruction manual, and people keep lapping up their sweet words.
  New, oppressive legislation is constantly introduced and reintroduced. If one law is repealed or the protests grow so intense that they need to shelve it, they rewrite it a few years later and then people accept it. The overall picture doesn't change. The overall picture is clear. Tyranny is winning on all fronts.
  Keep people in a state of perpetual poverty and war, and they will believe anything you say, endure any indignity you visit upon them. Surveillance is so pervasive today that Orwell and his present would have shaken in horror. Most people are actually supporting it. They buy the bullshit excuses for its existence wholesale. They believe it’s good for them, for their brainwashed and rinsed self.
  Tyranny praises Orwell and Huxley and Bradbury and bunch, and laugh itself silly while doing so, looking with growing contempt at its easily deceived subjects.
  Orwell should be honored, should be praised, but ignoring his words and life doesn’t do that, in case you’re wondering.
  Putting him or anybody on a pedestal is dishonoring him, dishonoring anybody that has ever spoken out against injustice and oppression and created great art.

Sunday, January 06, 2013

Distance and scorn

  Gloria de Piero, a former journalist, and now MP for the Labour Party in the United Kingdom wondered why people just don’t like her, don’t like politicians in general, and according to herself set out to investigate why.
  She found at least part of the obvious answer: People feel strongly and accurately that most politicians just don’t have any idea of how most people live and what their concerns and problems are, thus their solutions and voting are doomed to be flawed.
  And it is, by far.
  And this is just the tip of the iceberg. All the dominant parties in the UK, like most dominant parties most places have various policies hostile to all life. They are the abject enemy of justice, equality and anything smacking of creating the good life for anyone, except for themselves and their peers.
  Gloria is a member of the Labour Party, one faction of the power hungry very eager to implement totalitarian laws and practices. Tony Blair and those in his circle virtually set a record there. The current government is better in some ways, worse in others. None of the two factions offers or is interested in offering any true solutions to the woes of mankind.
  People should hate politicians. They are, generally speaking indifferent power-grabbers enjoying their wealth and position for all it is worth, serving a corrupt system constantly stepping on the poor and not so well off.
  It isn't just politicians that are deliberately distancing themselves from most people, but journalists as well and most people part of the established order, so she is at least twice wrong. She lied and reported lies for years for the establishment she serves, and now she has taken a step up from there.
  I see her entire campaign of «curiosity» described in the Guardian article as just one more attempt at deception and diversion.