Tuesday, November 28, 2006

The war of information

There is an ongoing war of information raging today, as it has for some time, since the first spires of tyranny rose towards the sky.

Information is power. Those controlling it, control people’s mind, actions, their very lives.

Since the dawn of history, the dawn of civilization the government and its people have lied, lied profusely to the people it professes to serve. This is puzzling at first, but once you consider it you realize that governments in general are alien to a natural life, the true rhythms and cycles of the world. So, the only way for a system to remain, to not crumble like the dust it is, is to resort to propaganda, to deceive and destroy even more than it is fated to do.

Framing fast forward to today. The tools of propaganda have grown beyond anything even imagined in the past. It’s its Golden Age. The system and its people construct and uphold a totally wrong and distorted perception of reality. Any method is used, of deception and brutality to make people stay put. And most people do, obey like good dogs, letting themselves be fooled endlessly, while ignoring the few, disparate voices seeing the world and reality at least fairly close to how it truly is.

Bad things and choices are highlighted as the one, true gospel. Good things are ignored or persecuted. War is peace. Oppression is freedom. Everything is turned upside down, inside out, until we don’t see the forest for the trees.

Open your eyes, truly wise men have said. Open your eyes and see truth. And doing so, it isn’t hard to see through the illusion, the lies of government and industry and other prophets of civilization. When they tell you to look here, then look the other way instead. When they tell you to hate a person, to detest his or her opinion, listen to him or her, and ponder deeply their words. When people in high places are praised, look beyond the veil to the sinister purpose behind.

I’m not saying you should automatically hate everything the masters love and love everything the masters hate, though. You have to do better and be better than that. The world isn’t black and white, but a rainbow of colors where festering spots may be very hard to spot. But that only means you’ll have to look and try that much harder.

Lies and deceit are fairly often exposed today, but they are still believed, to an uncanny degree. That says a lot about the power the power of deception has in this current insane society.

As long as most people allow themselves to be force fed lies, they will be nothing but puppets stumbling in strings. People should find their own truths, and let other people find theirs. As long as this isn’t the case, and people keep denying their own awareness, humanity as a species will keep stumbling towards that cliff not that far ahead.