Monday, December 10, 2012

A great use of furniture

  We have a large fireplace in our house, one very pleasant during autumn and early spring, but still a stark necessity during winter. There is no way we can afford to buy wood, so we burn furniture. Not our own, mind you, at least not if we don’t have to. We find it in all kinds of places, both at traditional garbage disposal points and in more untraditional places around town. The streets of Copenhagen, like in most modern cities are strangely abandoned during nighttime, so we can pretty much do what we want as long as we don’t do any obvious breaking and entering. We obtain furniture and we do it for free. It is great exercise, and the rewards are great, in the form of a beyond pleasant heated combined living room and bedroom. We mostly use more distant parts of the house as storage facilities and fridge during winter.
  It works!

Friday, November 09, 2012

The ruse of elections

  Some friends of mine, both US citizens and not take comfort in demographics showing that the age of old, white men are over in US politics, but they shouldn't, really. Whether that’s true or not is rather unimportant because elections are ultimately unimportant. They are a ruse, designed by those in power to draw attention away from the real issues.
  Both main candidates this year, like all other years were/are stooges of those white, old men and other wealthy and powerful people ruling by proxy in today’s world.
  Anybody looking at Obama and seeing something different isn’t only blind but dangerously deluded.
  I shrug over Obama’s victory, like I would have shrugged over Romney’s. The tyranny lives on.
  For every Obama-supporter approaching me bragging about his "accomplishments" I just want to say: «You're kidding, right»?
  People need to free themselves from the stranglehold of government and corporations, religion, nationalism and capitalism, from the system’s propaganda and start making their own decisions independently of the massive tyranny we all suffer.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

All colors, many creeds

  I'm a Canadian Native (First Nation Mohawk), an African-Canadian, a Norwegian-Irish-Polynesian-Brazilian born in Canada, raised in Norway & living in Denmark. The world is my canvas. I'm multicultural, all colors, many creeds.

Monday, September 24, 2012

Exposed - Australian branch

  Australia's Roman Catholic Church has confirmed 620 children have been sexually abused by its priests since the 1930s in the state of Victoria. Campaigners, however, put the figure at 10,000 between 1960s to the 1980s only.
  The Catholic Church of Victoria's admission came in a submission to a state parliamentary inquiry into the handling of child abuse cases by religious and other organisations after suicides of dozens of people abused by clergy, ABC reported Sunday.
  Most of the abuse cases took place between the 1960s and the 1980s, with another 45 cases being investigated. Campaigners, however, say the real figure could be up to 10,000 victims in Victoria alone.
  In the submission, the Catholic Church said it committed to fully cooperate with the inquiry and to not "disguising, diminishing or avoiding the actions of those who have betrayed a sacred trust".
  Father Shane Mackinlay of the Ballarat Diocese admitted the church had its "head in the sand" for a long time.
  He added that there had been a history of resistance to face the truth about "shocking abuse" that happened within the church, both by the clergy and in the wider community.
  Child abuse by Roman Catholic priests has been a top issue in Australia in recent years.
  During his visit to Australia in July 2008, Pope Benedict XVI made a public apology for the abuse.

Sunday, August 19, 2012

The house of the rising moon

  The moon is rising above our derelict building. Loud shouts and moans are spreading from our big bed in our bedroom and to the streets outside. I feel sweaty bodies push against mine, hot skin rubbing mine, and I feel an ecstasy that will always pleasantly surprise and overwhelm me, like a tall wave on the beach embracing me and pushing me far away.
  My friends and I live together, breathe and fuck and move together. The poignancy of it all keeps stunning me, as the years pass by.
  We live together in a collective, which is always difficult. There is bound to be quarrels and disagreements, but I would say we handle that splendidly.
  There is no jealousy, nothing even resembling it. In my opinion it is only a problem with truly fucked up people.
  People keep telling us that there should be, that there should be more unrest within our four walls, but the way I see it, that’s merely them making an effort at projecting their own bias and limitation unto us.
  It is inevitable, of course. We call ourselves witches and we are obviously something closely resembling a fertility cult. Our wild parties aren’t exactly a secret. We are doomed to be hassled by a despairing world. Most of the pressure comes from the outside, not the inside, not from us. We love who we are and the life we have chosen for ourselves.
  There is solitude when we feel we need it. We are, after all far stronger individuals than most people, in the world outside our walls. But it isn’t like we’re being pushed at the group. We seek its power and its joy almost constantly, but we are our own beings, fiercely independent humans.
  And it is that we bring to the group, to the tribe, in this, our brief home on the wave of eternity.

Friday, July 13, 2012


  The last few years the Catholic Church has been exposed, more than ever, for its inhuman acts.
  They have been exposed beyond doubt and their otherwise slick ability to explain everything and make it Go Away.
  The last decade or so there has been a row of exposures, all over the world, about priests abusing children and the church covering it up, practically administering it, moving abusing priests from congregation to congregation, repeating the cycle countless times. It’s pretty clear that the practice finally being exposed, in more and more depth goes back centuries.
  And this is only the public figures. All experience in abuse cases tells us that the number of unrecorded victims is far higher, that there will always be many keeping quiet about their suffering, for many reasons, also because fear of retaliation from the abusers. And here unusually many cases of threats have been exposed.
  The official figures have been called «grossly underestimated» and I certainly agree with that.
  It took a long time to get any kind of admittance of guilt or apology from church officials, both at lower and at higher levels and very few have even been charged with anything, anywhere. Rather the opposite has happened. There has been a backlash against those taking it public, both the victims and their supporters.
  So, what happens when a horror like this sees the light of day and an institution like this is yet again exposed as the thoroughly rotten apple of abuse and oppression it is?
  The Catholics are basically banding together, joining forces, against those fighting for at least a semblance of justice. There is very little criticism against the church and its officials, hardly more than half measures and low rumbles. The pope has emerged practically unscathed from all of it. The Church? It has on the contrary been more active than before, in its zeal on fighting against the use of prevention and equality. Most Catholics are angry, but not at the priests, not at those higher up covering up the abuse, but at those «shaming them».
  That makes them pretty much accomplishes, in my eyes.
  It isn’t really anything new that either. Atrocities done in the service of the church and religion as a whole come to light all the time.
  But this is clearly yet another step up when it comes to such blind following of a given religion.
  It beggars belief, but such is the case, a case not only exposing the inner workings of the world’s largest organization, but exposing its members even more than before as nothing but mindless and dangerous sheep as well.
  The Catholic Church should be shut down, pronto! Its vast fortune should be seized and used for the good of mankind, instead of against it, like it is now. There is no other sane conclusion here.
  It should finally be clear to everybody that this isn’t an exception but the rule.
  The Catholic Church has always done harm, always been detrimental to human health and freedom, but now it is clear that  it is even worse than we thought.