Saturday, May 19, 2007

A runaway elephant

Ekstrabladet writes about an elephant running away from a circus on Jylland, Denmark, where he had been held captive. It ran off and created chaos on the highway when it decided to stop on the road and rub an itch it had. What a fabulous sight it must have been. Chaos is always great to behold.

Unfortunately as it is the story has a tragic end: the elephant returned to his keepers. It has clearly been too ruined during his time in captivity to seek freedom above all else.

That it is still allowed to keep animals in any circus and in cages on pelt farms, and in laboratories is certainly yet another tragedy elevating the insanity of today’s society. The poor elephant experienced briefly the freedom that should have been a given, to him, to all of us.

This story is presented in a cheerful way in established media, a tiny slice of today’s reality designed to make people chuckle a bit, to make them tell themselves that existence is bearable, after all. Very few think much about the deeper aspects, the horrible consequences of it all.

Damn it, how I loathe the world’s jailers and torturers. My contempt for them is as deep as the ocean.

Gorilla on a rampage

A 180 kg gorilla climbed out of its enclosure at the Blijdorp Zoo in Rotterdam recently. After climbing up the enclosure wall it «ran amok» and bit a woman and injured three other people. The place was evacuated and closed while the gorilla was ganged up on by its keepers and sedated with a dart from a safe distance. The zoo that was filled with visitors reopened later that day.

People are again seemingly shocked at this display of savagery in captured animals, similar to the outrage they display when humans escape from prison. What do they expect? What part of «born to be wild» don’t they get? I certainly feel very antagonistic against anyone who would want to imprison me. So would any sane human being. Unfortunately sanity is in very short supply in today’s world.

Friday, May 11, 2007


Green is here. Weeks of warm weather didn’t quite cut it, but days of rain after that did the job.

I love spring. Life is undeniable, irresistible then. No amount of oppression anywhere can hide its violent outbreak. Growth itself is wreaking havoc with our bodies, senses and mind. I see green in even the grayest of concrete, of Death. Loss, the loss of spirit is all around us, as it always is in civilization, but muted these days, not nearly as powerful as it seems in the death-sleep season.

The petrol vapor still lingers in the air, its bitter taste reminding us where we are. All the poison, mental and physical, released by current destructive human society is very much present. But its bite is less. These days, briefly, we can easier imagine a different world.

I see trees, and I see the forest. I see it as I walk up and down streets and alleys. I even see it in people’s eyes, briefly, this time of year, as many open their eyes in wonder, as they taste the forgotten and forbidden and catch the scent of life in the wind.

I love spring. People turn wild and daring before my eyes. Chains don’t break, but they turn brittle and weak… at least for a little while, and I enjoy the brief respite from the cold.

Sunday, May 06, 2007

New life

We held a small party for the tiny addition to out tribe recently, the son coming to us seven months ago. Why celebrate that he is seven months, you may ask? I say and we say why not?

He isn’t my biological son, but born by my sister across the table. I have previously written about how we see things concerning children and family in our Circle. Feel free to read it.

We are many around the table. The ruckus of the last few months has actually increased our number, and that pleases me, pleases me greatly. We celebrate and are enjoying ourselves, and the new life in our midst is filling us with joy and fire.

No one knows who his biological father is and no one cares, because all the males around the table are his father, just like all the females are his mothers. It is possible, possible to live a different life. There are countless examples of that. Societies like ours exist all over the world, societies where people live in a world of living dead. We are laughing heartily where we sit, where we toast and eat and sing and dance, and the tombstones surrounding us are fading in our hearts.