Monday, October 06, 2014


  Some males, as incredible as that sounds or should sound see feminism as a threat to their manhood. They’re not very confident or mature, I guess.
  Some equally insecure females are afraid that they will not appear to be sufficiently «feminine», as if feminine means being weak and subservient and dependent.
  The main reason for this set of thoughts is that we’re raised in a patriarchal society, with its twisted view on human relations. We are trained by its propaganda to behave in certain ways, ways far from natural. Males are encouraged to dominate and females to be dominated in such a society. That rape is seen as an entitlement in an environment like that isn't strange at all.
  Without the power of feminism we would be stuck in those age-old delusions, and women would probably have no say over their own lives at all. We would be nothing but those pretty dolls misogynists prefer us to be. Young girls should think very carefully before supporting any attack on feminism. They are used in a ploy in order to make them insignificant. Please wake up, girls, and kick those disgusting misogynists in the balls instead.
  The obvious take on this is that sex and everything, all human interaction, actually should come from mutual interest and/or respect between two or more people. Is the word «mutual» really that hard to understand?