Tuesday, June 06, 2017

No wonder woman

  This is about Gal Gadot, the former Israeli IOF (Israeli Occupying Force) soldier gone Hollywood, but it’s also about people unable and unwilling to see her for what she is, and acting on it.
  She is a propaganda tool, quite frankly for Zionism and all its vile acts.
  During the 2014 Gaza massacre she defended it, and the killing of over 500 Palestinian children with the eagerness of a true zealot. Her being chosen to play Wonder Woman has already been used extensively by the Zionist propaganda ministry. The success of the movie will undoubtedly lead to even more of the same.
  It has already been hailed as «a triumph of woman filmmaking» and women’s rights. To me it’s the exact opposite.
  Why bother with Gadot in particular? Some people may ask. She’s just one actor among many Israelis making their way in Zionist-friendly Hollywood.
  Well, I support BDS - a boycott of Israeli artists, academics and general society. The way I see it no Zionist actor should be given roles outside Israel at all, but Gadot is high profile. She has already become the idol of thousands of girls, girls that will grow up and wanting to become like her. That is a betrayal of trust I can hardly stomach pondering.

  But what more than anything prompted me to write this was the following and similar reactions:
  One of my followers on Twitter tweeted a photo of a wall at a theater with advertising photos from the movie and basically cried out: how fucking cool is this.
  I pointed out that this particular «wonder woman» supports the killings of thousands of Palestinian children, and expected a heated discussion to follow. But the tweeter in question just calmly responded: «I totally understand where you are coming from, however, in this moment, I'm reveling in my fandom».
  In that very moment she revealed that she just didn’t care, didn’t care at all. A movie was more important for her than the horrors perpetuated by Gal Gadot and her former colleagues.
  Let that sink in for a moment. The saying «if you don’t stand for anything, you’ll fall for everything» and far worse really applies here.
  Lisa’s (the fan’s name) experience of the movie was far more important to her than the stark reality surrounding it. That is scary. That is scary and horrible beyond belief.
  People like Lisa are what almost more than anything else enables the tyrants of the world to keep their positions. She isn’t as bad as Gal Gadot, she’s worse. I agree with people saying that it isn’t evil and wickedness ruining the world, but people’s indifference to it.