Tuesday, December 22, 2009


About a week ago (how time flies) I asked my followers on Twitter and others I know, on and off the Internet, quite a few of them fairly aware people usually standing by their convictions, why atheists or radicals or anti-consumers and similar celebrate Christmas. I did it for obvious reasons, since it most certainly flies in the face of everything they stand for, and because I was indeed curious, and I have always seen it as an irreconcilable contradiction.

I got quite a few replies and answers, all very polite. The reasons I was given were pretty much what I expected, family and tradition and habit, and a few prejudiced questions in return. There is no need to be specific, using names or aliases here. All and any response I got was pretty similar, except one, saying it appealed to his sense of irony, which was different, at least.

At least no one brought up Scrooge from Dickens’ A Christmas Carol this time. Thank the goddess for small favors. But there were people that insisted on claiming that I had had a bad experience of Christmas as a child, even if I repeatedly told them the opposite several times. Why should there necessarily be a bad childhood experience? There are plenty of reasons to loathe Christmas without it, on its own «merit».

One important factor was that my laidback, even polite question received far more replies and called far more attention to itself than my heart-wrenching story from Copenhagen, which says a lot about even the fairly radical and independent followers I keep on Twitter and friends I have on the Internet in general, and the world at large.

Is this a grave matter, you may ask. In my opinion it is. Sorry, guys, in my opinion celebrating Christmas, in any form, anything even resembling the Christian way or the consumer insanity or as a glue for society or encouragement for nationalism and an even longer list of additional negative factors is just plain wrong, a way of appeasing all the bad forces driving the «celebration». It is far more than an innocent get-together with family and friends. Some of you were clearly embarrassed, and you should be, and more. Christmas can never be reformed, can never be anything else, can never be justifiably defended. It’s just a bad thing.

The fact that most of you hadn't even been asked the question or didn't seem to have considered it before should tell a lot.

Habits are a thousand strands of a spider’s web later to become chains. Christmas is a dangerous and oppressive tradition that should be broken. It’s justifying so many bad things, and cementing both religion and consumerism in current society, and almost more important: It’s a part of the treacherous ongoing process pulling people back into an oppressive society they want little or no part of. It is training children, ruining them, if you like, to accept and even be excited about many things in life they should shun like a plague.

Say no to Christmas, now, and for all time, and crucially: to what it represents.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Gitmo Copenhagen

I sit here, in a friend’s house, writing this down in a fairly relaxed manner. They're rounding up a lot of my friends, right now, in Liberty City, attacking them and dragging them off to The Cage, but I am fairly safe, since my friend isn’t on Gestapo’s list over my friends or even acquaintances (I hope). My arm is in a sling. It hurts, and the painkillers cloud my mind, but I am pleased to say that the Burning inside is still there, stronger than ever.

I can say, with confidence that I have lots of first hand knowledge of the events I’m about to describe to you. During the last week I’ve spent so much time in the cages in the «temporary» prison in Valby that it almost feels like home.

There is so much to share about my experiences the last few days and nights that I could write a book about it (and perhaps I will), but let me give you all a little taste, a few facts, a brief look into government terror against its own population.

This is a selection of what the police, the current Gestapo in Copenhagen has done to us and other protesters in the last few days.

They are bugging us, always harassing us. They have done that for years, and also increased the level of harassment weeks before the summit began.

When they attacked the protests they did so completely without provocation. They striped us (modern «handcuffs» made of plastic), took a random selection of the 100 000 people big protest rally and made people sit on the cold sidewalk, not allowing us to pee or shit or anything, and many of the inexperienced victims did it in their pants. We didn’t, having some idea what to expect. It was below zero, and we quickly felt like ice pickles, hardly able to move or feel our arms. Some of us tried to get up and walk away, but we were pushed back down. A boy hit his head and lay still for minutes. We screamed at them to help him, to get a doctor, anything, but they ignored us. When he woke up he looked totally out of it. We were separated from him later and never saw him again. The pee and shit in people’s pants froze. A girl was beaten harshly by a club. She had been screaming, or rather howling with an almost gone voice for minutes. They took her away eventually. We kept quiet. When you are threatened with brutal violence, unable to defend yourself you stay quiet.

Then they finally took us to The Cage, a number of cages actually in what they call an interim prison in Valby. It is basically a storage facility that would make a butcher proud. We were stored, like sardines in a box. People in my cage began throwing up. Several of them showed telling and dangerous signs of extreme fatigue and brain damage, the blood in their faces and the diluted pupils among them. I’m not a doctor, but you don’t need a crystal ball to see the obvious. It’s beside the point anyway, as I hope you will understand.

Twelve hours can be incredibly long. All sense of time disappears. This is the very essence of torture. You take victims to a place, both real and imagined where all safety is gone and the inconceivable becomes commonplace. Then, after a while you can make them do whatever you want. I’m somewhat hardened, in the sense that I have experienced a lot of this shit through the years, but I’m not ashamed to say that this was the worst I have ever experienced.

And it has happened every day since Thursday. I have had the pleasure of spending two nights at the hotel facilities in Valby. And if you didn’t realize that this was sarcasm there is no hope for you.

Others have spent at least three.

This is no longer a question of only Climate Change, and in truth it never was. Society must change dramatically, not only releasing a little bit less greenhouse gases to an overtaxed atmosphere.

They lie to us, lie to you, making you believe anything, while you sit safely in your chair, in front of your television set, and are deceived 24/7. Do you think you are safe in your ignorance and fear and non-participation? Many of those passing by the last four days believed that, too.

And you aren’t safe in your living room either. The tenet of a tyranny is that no one is safe. Everybody is living with the Damocles sword above their head, whether they acknowledge that or not.

Is it random, you say? That is the point. It’s supposed to be random. People are trained to police themselves, out of fear, because they are conditioned to do it, or quite simply because they want to avoid even considering the implied threat of violence.

Tonight they went after those independents still protesting, charged into Liberty City like a hot knife through butter. They have wanted to shut down Liberty City from its very start, and made an effort out of it the last twenty years. Tonight they are making another effort.

A nice man out of uniform

Wednesday wasn’t that funny, not compared to the rest of the week and weekend:

We were standing by the globe, «the new symbol of unity» in Copenhagen the other day. The place has been filled with cops for days. We treat them like flies and basically ignore them. They want their presence to be intimidating, but it isn’t, not to us, not when we are used to seeing these nice people with clubs and shields in their hands, and their heads covered by a huge protective helmet.

The uniformed thugs, the current Gestapo is visible. They have a presence in the streets, as they like to call it.

But that isn’t enough for them. A lot of the tyranny’s soldiers trail us out of uniform as well. If they aren’t intelligence or something they are usually easy to spot, though. They aren’t very bright, and they are lousy actors. We don’t allow ourselves to be bothered by those flies either, unless they become really troublesome.

And sometimes we have a lot of fun with them, and on rare occasions, such as this one, we get the opportunity to really enjoy ourselves.

He called himself Karl. Karl wasn’t new. He had stuck around for weeks, and we could almost feel his excitement, his bold desire to take the next step, and be the hero of all his Gestapo comrades.

After he had barked against his comrades in arms for some minutes to impress us he asked if he could join us at our squatted house. We shrugged and told him our home was open to everybody, playing along.

These encounters usually go like this: They know that we know that they know that we know it’s them.

Or something to that effect.

I noticed that he paid me a lot of attention out of the corner of his eyes. He seemed very determined today. I felt a little queasy, but I was a little bored, and decided to play along, to give him rope.

He stuck to me like glue, eager in his condemnation of his secret pals, like he would always be one of the first to throw stones at protests. As I said he isn’t that much of an actor and doesn’t really want to be either. Like all members of Gestapo he enjoys his power, and without the ability to exercise it he is nothing.

The two of us slowed down, walking a little behind the others. They would soon disappear ahead if we didn’t pick up speed. I felt alone, just for a moment.

- You aren’t doing anything special tonight, are you?

- I guess not, I shrugged.

The others turned a corner. The two of us couldn’t see them anymore.

We walked through a dark alley. He grabbed me and pushed himself at me.

- What are you doing? I chuckled.

- Just stand still, he breathed in my ear. – Stand still, goddamnit. You would want to be a good girl, now.

I tried to pull free, but he held me hard.

He tried to kiss me on the lips. I turned my face away from him. He grabbed my head and made a serious attempt at keeping it in correct position from his point of view.

I heard steps. He did, too, when he saw me look behind him.

- He wants you to be nice to him, Lotte said, her voice thick with sarcasm.

The poor guy suddenly seemed to get it, to notice everybody else standing around. I don’t want to think too much about what would have happened if they hadn’t been here.

- I think it’s about time to put a stop to this, now, I told the scowling man calmly. – Don’t you agree?

It ended quickly, almost before it began. His scowl changed to a snarl and he pulled away, walked off, and faded into the city night. «Karl» stopped existing there and then, and we wouldn’t see him again, except behind a helmet visor and shield and a raised club.

This is only one of many encounters between us and the Gestapo in the Copenhagen streets. Day in and day out they do their best to entertain us, to keep us on our toes.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

The same old false song

Radio Baghdad from Copenhagen today:

I'm scribbling this in haste, before returning to the streets of fire.

We see it every time. There is a man with a bomb or a suspicious suitcase somewhere (as if a suitcase can be suspicious). Protesters are planning sinister acts. Terrorists are gathered in the community house where protesters are gathered. And so on. Pure bullshit and lies and deceit are filling the headlines and the subsequent text. All of it to justify BAD treatment of the dangerous protesters. It's quite okay to knock their heads bloody and their bodies blue and black.

Everything the government says about their true opponents is passed on by established media, their loyal, yapping dogs. The true protesters are never given a voice, except as a beaten-to-a-pulp (and dangerous) villain behind bars.

And the power-loyal «protester» is defending Gestapo's action, like his kind always is.

And the adoring public is eating it up, like the stupid, mindless slaves and zoombies they are.

When the local branch of the modern Gestapo is charging us with bloody clubs we defend ourselves. it is as plain as that. The sheep bow their heads and take whatever the pigs dish out, but we don't.

And the men and women behind the fences, in their palaces are let off the hook, relieved of any true criticism.

Clear like the purest of water.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Welcome to Copenhagen

10 000 rebels and protesters are expected to come to Copenhagen during the official Global Warming meeting here. Very few of them will have a place to stay, but that’s okay. There are lots of buildings to squat, many which have been empty for years. It’s a bout time they are put to good use.

The border police will do their best to close the border, of course, like they are usually doing before such events, to keep people from exercising their right to protest, but we are used to that, and know many ways around it. My guess is that most of our ten thousand brothers and sisters, and possibly more, bent on spitting the so called world leaders in the eye will reach the Copenhagen streets these cold and hot days and nights.

I look forward to meet you, to scream and sing with you and join you in giving the people sitting on their asses a just reward. The police will most certainly try to arrest me and other «troublemakers» well before the event, like they always do, but by then we will be long gone from our usual haunts. We will have gone underground, so to speak.

See you all in December…

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Jesus has never existed

There have always been those opposing the lies of the so called Jesus Christ, both concerning his origin and his very existence, both as a man and a god.

Right from the very start, the very creation of the prevailing myths, people have exposed the lies. Those sharing what was then the present with the first Christians could easily expose it for the fairy tale it was, since everyone or at least a lot of people then knew them to be right. They exposed it as bullshit, what everybody should do today as well, when it has long since become such dangerous and insane bullshit.

I’ve had the pleasure of reading Archaya S and others’ writings on this for years. They expose claim by claim Christianity’s most fundamental lies.

There is no proof what so ever that Jesus has existed, in any form. On the contrary it becomes ever clearer that the Christians invented him. One of the church fathers, Eusebius of Caesarea is even bragging about it in his books.

«We shall introduce into this history in general only those events which may be useful first to ourselves and afterwards to posterity.»

Eusebius of Caesarea - church father of Nicaea 325 - Ecclesiastical History (Vol. 8, chapter 2).

«How it may be Lawful and Fitting to use Falsehood as a Medicine, and for the Benefit of those who Want to be Deceived»

Eusebius of Caesarea - church father of Nicaea 325 - Praeparatio Evangelica (title book 12, chapter 32).

These are merely a few of the «highlights» in his writings.

The early Christians picked and chose between ancient pagan legends and myths in which they created their savior to deceive the world. They didn’t emulate one particular story but a little from many of them, from the story of Zeus, Mitra, Buddha and Horus, to mention a few.

Non-Christian historians living in the first few centuries after the professed crucifixion don’t mention Jesus or Christ with a single word. Either the word Christ (or Christos) means something completely different where they used it, or historical documents were quite simply changed and forged by later Christians. The entire so called Testimonium Flavianum presumably from the writings of Josephus, a Jewish general and historian is probably Eusebius’ doing, his insertion.

Thinkers and researchers like Archaya S and the rest have studied the material thoroughly, and with far more critical eyes than officially sanctioned scientists. Doing elementary cross-checking and true scientific methods they have pieced together a picture quite different from the accepted story, exposing established scientific circles for the deceivers they are.

Because the fallacy continues today. The Christians and their apologist supporters have the power and decide what should be held as truth. The established scientific circles work with something they call the «zero hypothesis», which is basically what is currently seen as the most probable «truth». Then they defend that against any alternatives, and have the gall to claim that they are seeking the truth and nothing but the truth. Two thousand years after everything started the hustlers have convinced almost the entire world, with disastrous results. Fortunately there are those that won’t be fooled, people seeing religion for what it is: opium for the people and a pox on mankind.

  More here

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Another great victory against censorship

Our page Crossroads, an art site about Transgression, rebellion and life on the edge of society is finally up and running again.

It has been down for some time, now, since it was removed from its last server "due to its offensive content". It isn't the first time that happened and probably won't be the last. A few years ago we were also censored, pretty much with the same "reasoning".

I looked for a useful free webspace for a while, but it is increasingly difficult to find such a beast these days, so since we often have to search garbage cans for food because we can't afford to buy it we couldn't put it back up until a friend paid for space for us.

We'll see how long it will stay up this time.

Sunday, August 09, 2009

Urban Prose

I recently started something in my head I call Urban Prose. It might be something to consider actualizing, pursuing. I report from the urban landscape, its horrors and alienation, as I walk, sit and watch. There are a thousand things happening even in a quiet street, and a million in one filled with people and machines, with four-wheeled coffins. It feels like a moving painting. The insane modern condition is unfolding and crunching in my head.

Saturday, April 04, 2009

Strasbourg burning

Radio Baghdad broadcasting from hot Strasbourg nights:

We use gas masks and have covered every piece of skin. It’s quite unpleasant, but nothing compared to the teargas and all the other sinister stuff the Gestapo is throwing at us. Today is sixty years since NATO, the attack alliance was formed, and the war continues, both against defenseless developing countries and all of us protesting and fighting NATO’s ruthless militarism.

Strasbourg is burning and it is a great sight. Strasbourg and every other place where tyrants meet should burn.

Western governments have for a long time done everything in its power, used the most despicable methods to crush all opposition. It’s great to know that they have failed miserably.

Rebels have for so long been struck by clubs and closed fists every time they have attempted to express themselves strongly against the insanity ruling today’s world. We wake up with bruises for weeks afterwards, also bruises we are not aware of at first, but we decided long ago that we won’t just lay down and die, like the sheep do, like the majority of the world’s population does faced with what they see as the superior power.

But that power is brittle. The thin surface keeping the rotten blood inside is easily cracked. Cut just a bit and you reach its rotten heart, and the entire corrupt society falls apart, like it should have done long ago.

The new strongman

The Danish prime minister, Anders Fogh Rasmussen was Saturday named as NATO’s new general secretary. «Fog», as we call him is one of those having participated actively on the oppressors’ side during the false «War on Terror». He has made sure that Denmark, as a country has been one of the most eager beavers when it comes to implementing new, oppressive laws the last few years, and is the only one of George W. Bush’s comrades in arms after 9/11 with a little muscle left. To just call him a Bush-puddle is way too positive, though. During Fog’s tenant as Prime Minister Denmark has undergone a transformation from being more or less open and immigrant-friendly to become racist and closed, especially towards those originally farthest removed form the Danish society in the first place. Poverty has exploded among the disenfranchised and underprivileged.

NATO takes yet another step in the right direction.

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Wolverine the movie downloaded and watched a month before official release

I’ve just watched the new Wolverine movie after having downloaded it from the Pirate Bay. This post includes detailed descriptions of the story, so consider yourself warned.

It was a fairly good movie. It revealed Wolverine’s life from childhood to close to the moment where he joined the X-Men. He killed his father and ran off from persecutors with his brother Victor, aka Sabretooth. We follow them through many wars, as they survive them all without a scratch, follow them to after the Vietnam war, where Wolverine, fed up with the killing attempts to start a new life with his girlfriend Kayla aka Silver Fox, but the past catches up with him and Kayla is seemingly killed by Sabretooth. Later that is revealed to false, a deception, instigated by the mutant hater William Stryker, of X-men fame to make Wolverine fall in line.

We experience the suffering hero’s entire life, painted with a broad stroke, way to broad, really. Everything is tied nicely together, and fairly faithful to the comics, but the story is way too short. 150 years are covered in less than two hours. It’s an insult. It should have been twice that long. As stated it’s a fairly good film, but superficial to the point of it ruining a lot of it for me.

A fact making me gloat even more because I am able to see it for free, one month ahead of the official release. I would have been able to make a far better film, especially with all the great back story available, for far less money. Fox is thoroughly superficial company, generally speaking making superficial movies and insane news broadcasts, a bunch of conservative assholes deserving of far more kicks in the face than this one.

But let’s celebrate: millions of people will watch this before the official release date. It’s not often we are able to totally screw a major capitalist venture like Fox.

Finally, we have treat, a very threatening letter sent to an American writing about the film in his blog. They are very fond of sending such letters and they are always funny to read.

Twentieth Century Fox Films
Sent by: [Private]
Baker & Hostetler
Los Angeles, CA, 90017, USA

Sent via: Electronic Mail
Re: Unauthorized Use of Twentieth Century Fox Properties

Dear ****:

We are writing to you on behalf of our client, Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation ("Fox"). Through our Internet monitoring program, we recently discovered that you acquired a copy of "X-Men Origins: Wolverine," which is owned by Fox. Attached are logs of relevant internet activity.

Fox has dedicated tremendous time and resources to create quality entertainment programming such as "X-Men Origins: Wolverine" and greatly values the comments and suggestions of fans who enjoy Fox's films. However, the development and distribution of Fox's films require a collaboration with many different entities, including guild organizations representing actors, directors, and writers. Based in part on these relationships, Fox has a legal responsibility, including many contractual obligations, to prevent the unauthorized distribution of its film material.

Therefore, while Fox tries to support its fans whenever possible, we must repsectfully ask that you delete all video files relating to "X-Men Origins: Wolverine" from your computer as soon as possible. If you do not remove these properties, we may be forced to take legal action to have them removed.

Thank you for your cooperation in this regard. Your interest in "X-Men Origins: Wolverine" is most appreciated. Fox will continue to do its best to bring you quality entertainment.

Nothing contained in this letter constitutes an express or implied waiver of any rights, remedies, or defenses of Fox.

Very truly yours,


Saturday, March 07, 2009


Now, with the pressure from the top gone, soldiers previously serving at the Guantanamo-base step forward and say that the conditions there were worse than people could imagine. They bear witness to the systematic torture of the close to 250 prisoners.

Susan J. Crawford, leading the committee deciding whether or not charges shall be brought against the inmates says that Mohammed al-Qahtani, among others was heavily mistreated, and that his confession, among others have to be considered totally without merit.

Last year Sami al-Hajj, a photographer for the Arabian news channel Al Jazeera was released after six years in depraved captivity, in a severely weakened condition. He had practically become an old man during those years. He was thirty-nine.

All this was and still is justified with the thoroughly fake «War on Terror», a deliberate misconception creating misery and terror on a vast scale, brought to life and executed by western countries.