Monday, January 21, 2013

Orwell Day

  It is that day again, when we celebrate a writer or human being long dead, doing so by pulling his fangs and claws, ignoring anything that made him or her dangerous.
  This is nothing new, but an «honored» tradition. By praising once dangerous people those in charge create the impression that their harsh words about those in charge are no longer an issue.
  What totally «amazes» me is how little people have absorbed of Orwell's warnings and words. They've practically ignored him and them and are doing so today as well, strange as that may sound to you.
  It certainly seems very strange to me, making me shake my head in disbelief and contempt.
  Everybody should easily be able to see that all his dystopian predictions and more have come true, but they don’t. They keep closing their eyes for the obvious, for unpleasant truths.
  Many «leaders», like Tony Blair have used 1984 as an instruction manual, and people keep lapping up their sweet words.
  New, oppressive legislation is constantly introduced and reintroduced. If one law is repealed or the protests grow so intense that they need to shelve it, they rewrite it a few years later and then people accept it. The overall picture doesn't change. The overall picture is clear. Tyranny is winning on all fronts.
  Keep people in a state of perpetual poverty and war, and they will believe anything you say, endure any indignity you visit upon them. Surveillance is so pervasive today that Orwell and his present would have shaken in horror. Most people are actually supporting it. They buy the bullshit excuses for its existence wholesale. They believe it’s good for them, for their brainwashed and rinsed self.
  Tyranny praises Orwell and Huxley and Bradbury and bunch, and laugh itself silly while doing so, looking with growing contempt at its easily deceived subjects.
  Orwell should be honored, should be praised, but ignoring his words and life doesn’t do that, in case you’re wondering.
  Putting him or anybody on a pedestal is dishonoring him, dishonoring anybody that has ever spoken out against injustice and oppression and created great art.

Sunday, January 06, 2013

Distance and scorn

  Gloria de Piero, a former journalist, and now MP for the Labour Party in the United Kingdom wondered why people just don’t like her, don’t like politicians in general, and according to herself set out to investigate why.
  She found at least part of the obvious answer: People feel strongly and accurately that most politicians just don’t have any idea of how most people live and what their concerns and problems are, thus their solutions and voting are doomed to be flawed.
  And it is, by far.
  And this is just the tip of the iceberg. All the dominant parties in the UK, like most dominant parties most places have various policies hostile to all life. They are the abject enemy of justice, equality and anything smacking of creating the good life for anyone, except for themselves and their peers.
  Gloria is a member of the Labour Party, one faction of the power hungry very eager to implement totalitarian laws and practices. Tony Blair and those in his circle virtually set a record there. The current government is better in some ways, worse in others. None of the two factions offers or is interested in offering any true solutions to the woes of mankind.
  People should hate politicians. They are, generally speaking indifferent power-grabbers enjoying their wealth and position for all it is worth, serving a corrupt system constantly stepping on the poor and not so well off.
  It isn't just politicians that are deliberately distancing themselves from most people, but journalists as well and most people part of the established order, so she is at least twice wrong. She lied and reported lies for years for the establishment she serves, and now she has taken a step up from there.
  I see her entire campaign of «curiosity» described in the Guardian article as just one more attempt at deception and diversion.