Saturday, March 07, 2009


Now, with the pressure from the top gone, soldiers previously serving at the Guantanamo-base step forward and say that the conditions there were worse than people could imagine. They bear witness to the systematic torture of the close to 250 prisoners.

Susan J. Crawford, leading the committee deciding whether or not charges shall be brought against the inmates says that Mohammed al-Qahtani, among others was heavily mistreated, and that his confession, among others have to be considered totally without merit.

Last year Sami al-Hajj, a photographer for the Arabian news channel Al Jazeera was released after six years in depraved captivity, in a severely weakened condition. He had practically become an old man during those years. He was thirty-nine.

All this was and still is justified with the thoroughly fake «War on Terror», a deliberate misconception creating misery and terror on a vast scale, brought to life and executed by western countries.