Thursday, December 23, 2010


The Danes throw one fifth of the food they buy this year according to a recent study, a sharp increase from previous studies.

Perhaps I shouldn’t complain. I and fellow house members always find a lot of good stuff in Copenhagen’s garbage cans. It also makes me almost appreciative of the cold. Garbage cans are excellent freezers this time of the year.

But, no, I see it as yet another insane expression of the modern society. It’s founded on waste, on a beyond wasteful existence, among several other things, founded on mindless destruction of nature, of life and resources. Most people today have no awareness of their surroundings or their place in it. There is no deliberate viciousness in them throwing away perfectly useful food, since there is hardly any awareness at all, no matter the act or lack of one.

In a better society people would own no more than they were able to carry and not inhabit giant homes able to house dozens of people. Current society is fucked up to the max, quite simply. That point is simply driven home even more than it usually is during Christmas.

As for Christmas: People’s «decision» to celebrate it isn’t taken in a vacuum. Their «choice» has consequence for many others, making it that much harder to expose the deceit making up the oppressive society.