Thursday, April 22, 2010

Emphasis wrong

One of the many issues where mainstream pseudo-environmentalists and supporters of «green capitalism» get it wrong is energy, the entire topic yet another diversion from what everything is truly about.

Their focus is mainly on energy production, hardly even considering what it is used for. As long as the energy production itself produces less pollution it seems to be all right to these people. All kinds of new energy sources are being discussed, solar, thermal, wind and even the bad old nuclear, which is the very worst imaginable. This discussion is a diversion, a deceit, or at best: a totally wrong emphasis. To me the worst case scenario here, in this context would be the day we could literally draw energy from the very air. Then the Earth and all life on it would be doomed beyond salvation. The worst use of energy today isn’t the use of a few light bulbs here and there, or less water in the shower, which the discussion seems to be focused on, but what is used for the massive, constant Destruction we witness every second we live. More land is gobbled up by what Amos Keppler calls the World Grinder, more wilderness is covered by concrete, asphalt, glass and plastic. The modern, current human society does that, marching on to its mad tune, destroying everything in its path.

As Keppler and others are pointing out; it is humanity’s energy needs that must fall to virtually nothing, until we, literally speaking don’t leave more than a few footprints on Earth again during our entire lifetime.

As we see how Virgin America, Bravo TV and other grand polluters have had a sponsored top spot on the #earthday hashtags and Earth Day trending topic on Twitter today we know yet again what a massive propaganda machine is out there, even today, on Twitter and everywhere, especially today to fool people into thinking recycling, light bulbs, showers and other equally useless smoke and mirror undertakings are important, distracting them from the real issue.

I would say about 1 percent calling themselves green on the Internet and in human society as a whole is genuine. The rest is just out to make lots of bucks, to make a killing on Earth’s destruction, or they are playing useful idiots to them.

I don't know which the worst is of those two groups making out those 99 percent. It's about even, I guess.

Nothing is more important today than this, to see beyond the illusion and start fighting the true fight for humanity's future.