Friday, November 09, 2012

The ruse of elections

  Some friends of mine, both US citizens and not take comfort in demographics showing that the age of old, white men are over in US politics, but they shouldn't, really. Whether that’s true or not is rather unimportant because elections are ultimately unimportant. They are a ruse, designed by those in power to draw attention away from the real issues.
  Both main candidates this year, like all other years were/are stooges of those white, old men and other wealthy and powerful people ruling by proxy in today’s world.
  Anybody looking at Obama and seeing something different isn’t only blind but dangerously deluded.
  I shrug over Obama’s victory, like I would have shrugged over Romney’s. The tyranny lives on.
  For every Obama-supporter approaching me bragging about his "accomplishments" I just want to say: «You're kidding, right»?
  People need to free themselves from the stranglehold of government and corporations, religion, nationalism and capitalism, from the system’s propaganda and start making their own decisions independently of the massive tyranny we all suffer.