Monday, April 22, 2013

No, it’s not a happy Earth Day

  The reasons for this are obvious: there are no signs of improvement. On the contrary, the forces of destruction are waxing, not waning. The forces of life are waning, not waxing.
  We, humanity must stop seeking solutions to the many problems we face within the parameters of current mainstream society. It should be self-evident to everybody interested by now that such solutions are making everything go from bad to worse and causing true solutions to be ever farther away from being implemented.
  Those in charge, content in their position at the top of the pyramid don’t want solutions. They are happy to force-feed us useless pseudo-solutions and illusions of grandeur.
  You don’t look for technological solutions, don’t pretend that what will make everything worse will make everything better. Advanced technology and closing our eyes for its horrors and dangers brought us where we are today.
  We must open our eyes, not fervently keeping them closed.
  Civilization must be abandoned, not further «developed». The wholesale destruction brought on by civilization must stop, must stop now.