Saturday, September 30, 2006

The Broken Circle

I became a mother today. One of my sister witches gave birth. A boy was born into our circle, our tribe. It’s a cause of great joy, and we rejoice. We dance within the circle, and celebrate with wild abandon.

I have not yet given birth myself, but I am just as much the boy’s mother as my sister is. We see things like that in my tribe. All the members share equally the joy and duty of being a parent, like we share almost everything.

We are very critical to both the nuclear family concept and the kindergarten method, both so popular in the current world. They are imposed on us, like all the unnatural stuff demeaning us in the current society, in civilization. In the nuclear family parents are chained to so-called parenthood, removing their freedom for the next twenty years, while kindergarten relieves them of responsibility and reduces parenthood to a duty.

My sister can, after a while, travel the world, without her child, if she so wishes, knowing that he’s safe and warmed and cared for.

I like this, our third way better than any of the unfulfilling ways we have been taught.