Thursday, March 01, 2007


Radio Baghdad from Copenhagen today:

I’m coughing constantly. I have been coughing all day. We were given word quite early that «something was up». The behavior of the Copenhagen police has gone from bad to worse lately. The people ruling these bullies, those sending them on their missions have turned ever more aggressive both in language and use of power the last year, even more so than during the last twenty years.

So, when the bullies, also the «anti-terror police» charged Ungdomshuset (the Youth House) in Copenhagen none of us was surprised. We’re just wondering why they waited so long.

They threw out the people living there, using water cannons and a helicopter, and all the equipment the bullies of tyranny generally has at hand.

I don’t have much time. I’m sitting on an Internet café, scribbling something. There are rumors that the bullies will close down places like this soon. The situation has exploded all over the city in such a short span of time. Traffic and streets have been closed. Street fights are happening everywhere. The train connections in and out of Copenhagen have been stopped. The police are holding Ungdomshuset, but they are besieged by an enraged gathering.

There is smoke everywhere, and I’m coughing, but I’m laughing, as well. I’m enjoying myself, not because Ungdomshuset has been cleaned, but because so many refuse to take it anymore, refuse to accept that society’s cleaners act the way they do. They have been getting away with so much. Hopefully they’re gonna get it this time. I shout at them and stand against them, like so many others. The clueless ordinary people we’re passing on the street look terrified at us and at their surroundings. One of them shouts that World War 3 has begun.

I fervently hope he’s correct.

Radio Baghdad from Copenhagen tonight:

Smoke and teargas are lingering in the air. There are fires everywhere. Garbage and ruined, burning cars and buildings with broken windows surround us wherever we look. We fight the police using our meager tools, but we fight and we keep fighting. Did they expect this, this much resistance? I think they expected a bit and planned for it, and even wanted it, wanted to teach us a lesson, but even though they will retain the upper hand, of course, with their superior numbers and armaments, and a corrupt society behind them, they have clearly overreached themselves today, tonight. We shout our triumph from the rooftops.

It’s a war zone. Even the established media says so. Princess Street, The Square and large parts of the city. Copenhagen is on Fire.

I keep coughing, and my eyes are flooded in tears, but they are tears of rage. The Square is filled with people, and we will continue to fight through the night, the weekend and beyond. People are coming to aid us from near and far, and I welcome them, welcome them all. This isn’t just about the house, this city or any, isolated incident. This is about us, and all people standing up for themselves against tyranny, the tyranny that is virtually everywhere today.

I hide out in a dark apartment, writing this. I will go back out soon. Don’t expect to hear from me again for a while.

Hopefully this will be yet another beginning of countless beginnings, to change the world. We can hope and do our best, for this to be the start of the one, true war: that against oppression and tyranny, especially the oppression and tyranny cloaked in benevolence and illusion. The tyrants and their watchdogs say people living in the western democracies are lucky and shouldn’t complain, shouldn’t go to so-called extremes like we do tonight.

They would say that, of course.

That is their pitch, their propaganda. They say protesters are violent merely because they are defending themselves. They say protesters are misguided or terrorists or whatever term is the current derogatory buzzword. I don’t believe it, believe them. And neither does anybody else gathered here tonight. Neither do millions of others in various countries seeing through their lies and conceit. This is an ongoing war, not constrained to a single nation or even a single string of events, but something happening everywhere, and I am very happy, extremely pleased to be a part of it.


  1. wow! I have seen this on the news in New Zealand. Keep on fighting, solidarity to u all over there.
    Freedom and equality!!

  2. Thank you, sister. We need all good wishes.

  3. This is clearly a truthful rendition of the events, so refershing compared to all the lies we keep hearing.