Thursday, May 26, 2011

The absurd and ridiculous

Why do supporters of the official JFK story or official 911 or any other major conspiracy always say "why hasn't anyone talked"?

I mean, if you read about the JFK assassination there are all kinds of people who have "talked" about evidence being ignored, or covered up, witnesses being told to change their stories, the WR whitewash, etc.

I mean, books and books and books have been written on all the lies and cover ups concerning the JFK case and they are full of reliable upstanding people saying these things.

So why do you people who defend the official story say "why hasn't anyone talked"? That's absurd. Hell, Howard Hunt made a confession a few years ago. For years he denied being in Dallas despite the fact that he was there, then he finally admits he was there and was involved in the "Big Event" and yet you people still say "why hasn't anyone came out"?

Oswald was killed before he could talk or his confession wasn't recorded, or he wasn't involved at all, except being the patsy.

The trigger men sure as hell isn't going to come out and say...."Hi, by the way... we killed JFK and set Oswald up to take the fall".

It's absurd.

To me and every other sane person it's obvious that the Military-Industrial Complex was behind it. It was powerful before the assassination and has grown beyond all sane proportions afterwards.

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