Tuesday, September 24, 2013

The world turned on its head

  Clean and healthy food is far more expensive than the poisonous and unhealthy «food» found in most stores.
  Soaps and shampoos without parabenes and perfume and poisons are far more expensive and widespread in the modern community than what is making us sick and killing us.
  Go figure.
  Rich people can easily afford healthy products. those struggling financially cant. The war on those living in poverty rages on.
  The world is turned on its head again. It doesn't matter whether or not anything is healthy and truly natural as long as it sells, as long as those making it make a buck. As we suffer in a society that is pervasively oppressive, we’re also deprived of what we need to survive and thrive, both mentally and physically.
  We suffer a regime that is unhealthy in all meanings of the word.
  Those in charge clearly want it that way, and it is up to us to change it, to correct everything that is so very wrong in our world.

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