Tuesday, November 05, 2013

My experience with protests and cops

  I have been an activist for more than twenty years, in Denmark and all over the world. I've been shot at, had my bones broken by experts (and their clubs) and generally speaking experienced everything there is to experience in the hands of the tyrants’ bullies.
  The crackdown on protesters may happen in a number of ways. We are usually victims of hard surveillance and harassment between engagements and often imprisoned before the protests even begin.
  During the protests they confront us in vast numbers, often numbers exceeding ours. What usually happens is that they charge us, on horses, with their dogs and clubs. This is when they don’t care if people witness their brutality or not. They just beat up on us with everything they have, and then they arrest us. If they don’t attack outright they use officers in civilian clothing in order to better pick us up and arrest us one on one. I have been shot at several times. I haven’t been hit, but several fellow protesters close to me have been.
  There is no need for them to bother with people’s reactions to their brutality, of course, since most people buy their rather outrageous explanations wholesale without the slightest truly critical thought. Most people are constantly lapping up all the important lies and deceit coming from those in charge and their eager servants and bullies.
  After the arrest we may sit on a given sidewalk for hours, no matter the weather or the temperature. We always make sure to put on warm clothes, even in the summer, but sometimes, under various pretexts they strip us and force us to sit there almost nude. If it is major protest (or not), during one of those G8 meetings, for instance they usually take us to a cold, dark place with provisional cells and make us stay there for days. And you can just forget about legal representation.
  After they let us out, usually without charging us with anything they step up the surveillance and harassment.
  It never actually stops.
  I have had my bones broken, suffered invasive hands in my private parts (my cunt) and tried several times to take it all to court. In vain, of course.
  The police are not there to protect us or our rights, that's for sure.
  This as a brief summary. Click on the links for details.
  Those in charge play this cat and mouse game with us they call democracy. Don’t be foolish enough to believe there is any honesty there, except each time they break your bones, terrorize you or shoot you.
  That is their honesty.

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