Saturday, April 04, 2009

Strasbourg burning

Radio Baghdad broadcasting from hot Strasbourg nights:

We use gas masks and have covered every piece of skin. It’s quite unpleasant, but nothing compared to the teargas and all the other sinister stuff the Gestapo is throwing at us. Today is sixty years since NATO, the attack alliance was formed, and the war continues, both against defenseless developing countries and all of us protesting and fighting NATO’s ruthless militarism.

Strasbourg is burning and it is a great sight. Strasbourg and every other place where tyrants meet should burn.

Western governments have for a long time done everything in its power, used the most despicable methods to crush all opposition. It’s great to know that they have failed miserably.

Rebels have for so long been struck by clubs and closed fists every time they have attempted to express themselves strongly against the insanity ruling today’s world. We wake up with bruises for weeks afterwards, also bruises we are not aware of at first, but we decided long ago that we won’t just lay down and die, like the sheep do, like the majority of the world’s population does faced with what they see as the superior power.

But that power is brittle. The thin surface keeping the rotten blood inside is easily cracked. Cut just a bit and you reach its rotten heart, and the entire corrupt society falls apart, like it should have done long ago.

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