Saturday, October 24, 2009

Welcome to Copenhagen

10 000 rebels and protesters are expected to come to Copenhagen during the official Global Warming meeting here. Very few of them will have a place to stay, but that’s okay. There are lots of buildings to squat, many which have been empty for years. It’s a bout time they are put to good use.

The border police will do their best to close the border, of course, like they are usually doing before such events, to keep people from exercising their right to protest, but we are used to that, and know many ways around it. My guess is that most of our ten thousand brothers and sisters, and possibly more, bent on spitting the so called world leaders in the eye will reach the Copenhagen streets these cold and hot days and nights.

I look forward to meet you, to scream and sing with you and join you in giving the people sitting on their asses a just reward. The police will most certainly try to arrest me and other «troublemakers» well before the event, like they always do, but by then we will be long gone from our usual haunts. We will have gone underground, so to speak.

See you all in December…

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