Saturday, December 12, 2009

The same old false song

Radio Baghdad from Copenhagen today:

I'm scribbling this in haste, before returning to the streets of fire.

We see it every time. There is a man with a bomb or a suspicious suitcase somewhere (as if a suitcase can be suspicious). Protesters are planning sinister acts. Terrorists are gathered in the community house where protesters are gathered. And so on. Pure bullshit and lies and deceit are filling the headlines and the subsequent text. All of it to justify BAD treatment of the dangerous protesters. It's quite okay to knock their heads bloody and their bodies blue and black.

Everything the government says about their true opponents is passed on by established media, their loyal, yapping dogs. The true protesters are never given a voice, except as a beaten-to-a-pulp (and dangerous) villain behind bars.

And the power-loyal «protester» is defending Gestapo's action, like his kind always is.

And the adoring public is eating it up, like the stupid, mindless slaves and zoombies they are.

When the local branch of the modern Gestapo is charging us with bloody clubs we defend ourselves. it is as plain as that. The sheep bow their heads and take whatever the pigs dish out, but we don't.

And the men and women behind the fences, in their palaces are let off the hook, relieved of any true criticism.

Clear like the purest of water.

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