Monday, December 14, 2009

Gitmo Copenhagen

I sit here, in a friend’s house, writing this down in a fairly relaxed manner. They're rounding up a lot of my friends, right now, in Liberty City, attacking them and dragging them off to The Cage, but I am fairly safe, since my friend isn’t on Gestapo’s list over my friends or even acquaintances (I hope). My arm is in a sling. It hurts, and the painkillers cloud my mind, but I am pleased to say that the Burning inside is still there, stronger than ever.

I can say, with confidence that I have lots of first hand knowledge of the events I’m about to describe to you. During the last week I’ve spent so much time in the cages in the «temporary» prison in Valby that it almost feels like home.

There is so much to share about my experiences the last few days and nights that I could write a book about it (and perhaps I will), but let me give you all a little taste, a few facts, a brief look into government terror against its own population.

This is a selection of what the police, the current Gestapo in Copenhagen has done to us and other protesters in the last few days.

They are bugging us, always harassing us. They have done that for years, and also increased the level of harassment weeks before the summit began.

When they attacked the protests they did so completely without provocation. They striped us (modern «handcuffs» made of plastic), took a random selection of the 100 000 people big protest rally and made people sit on the cold sidewalk, not allowing us to pee or shit or anything, and many of the inexperienced victims did it in their pants. We didn’t, having some idea what to expect. It was below zero, and we quickly felt like ice pickles, hardly able to move or feel our arms. Some of us tried to get up and walk away, but we were pushed back down. A boy hit his head and lay still for minutes. We screamed at them to help him, to get a doctor, anything, but they ignored us. When he woke up he looked totally out of it. We were separated from him later and never saw him again. The pee and shit in people’s pants froze. A girl was beaten harshly by a club. She had been screaming, or rather howling with an almost gone voice for minutes. They took her away eventually. We kept quiet. When you are threatened with brutal violence, unable to defend yourself you stay quiet.

Then they finally took us to The Cage, a number of cages actually in what they call an interim prison in Valby. It is basically a storage facility that would make a butcher proud. We were stored, like sardines in a box. People in my cage began throwing up. Several of them showed telling and dangerous signs of extreme fatigue and brain damage, the blood in their faces and the diluted pupils among them. I’m not a doctor, but you don’t need a crystal ball to see the obvious. It’s beside the point anyway, as I hope you will understand.

Twelve hours can be incredibly long. All sense of time disappears. This is the very essence of torture. You take victims to a place, both real and imagined where all safety is gone and the inconceivable becomes commonplace. Then, after a while you can make them do whatever you want. I’m somewhat hardened, in the sense that I have experienced a lot of this shit through the years, but I’m not ashamed to say that this was the worst I have ever experienced.

And it has happened every day since Thursday. I have had the pleasure of spending two nights at the hotel facilities in Valby. And if you didn’t realize that this was sarcasm there is no hope for you.

Others have spent at least three.

This is no longer a question of only Climate Change, and in truth it never was. Society must change dramatically, not only releasing a little bit less greenhouse gases to an overtaxed atmosphere.

They lie to us, lie to you, making you believe anything, while you sit safely in your chair, in front of your television set, and are deceived 24/7. Do you think you are safe in your ignorance and fear and non-participation? Many of those passing by the last four days believed that, too.

And you aren’t safe in your living room either. The tenet of a tyranny is that no one is safe. Everybody is living with the Damocles sword above their head, whether they acknowledge that or not.

Is it random, you say? That is the point. It’s supposed to be random. People are trained to police themselves, out of fear, because they are conditioned to do it, or quite simply because they want to avoid even considering the implied threat of violence.

Tonight they went after those independents still protesting, charged into Liberty City like a hot knife through butter. They have wanted to shut down Liberty City from its very start, and made an effort out of it the last twenty years. Tonight they are making another effort.


  1. sounds like you should have been violent - next time wear proper attire and flip a few cop cars and light them up to stay warm why protest so far from where anyone would actually see you anyway- vote the morons out of a job and keep voting them out or else have a bloody revolt- no one can do anything with words alone ACTIONS will get it done, or when they kill you at least you won't have to worry about it anymore

  2. We're defending ourselves when we're attacked, not merely taking it, like too many do. Perhaps that's why they are so hard on us. Not that they like independent people in general.

    Not that they need a reason. This time, like always they literally dragged people off the streets, whether they participated in the protest or not.

    We're talking about true terror.