Friday, January 29, 2010

Gestapo is alive and well, and living in Denmark

At the protests during the Copenhagen Climate Change meeting in December one policeman was particularly brutal to me. He kicked me to the ground, stepped on my arm, kicked me in the ribs so I couldn’t breathe or move, bent down, grabbed my arm and pulled it so hard that it broke. Then he striped me and dragged me off to The Cage with a lot of other, unfortunate victims that he and his colleagues decided to make a project of.

I was kept in The Cage with a lot of others during most of the day, while the pain in my arm just got worse and worse.

It was a particularly bad fracture the doctor told me. He found splinters in it, and he feared for long term damage, and he told me flat out he had never seen anything like it, and he had been with the Red Cross. What should just take a couple of weeks to heal took six, and I wasn’t certain I wasn’t permanently damaged until my last visit to the doctor earlier this week.

I filed charges against the policeman, of course, but I have done so before without any result, except for the fact that the harassment has turned worse. This time they have stayed away, though, probably because of all the general media coverage during the protests. We expect that the stalking will pick up again soon. It always does.

No journalists have covered my story, of course. I’m used to that, too. The established media is the tyranny’s lapdogs, an obvious fact everybody should realize.

It has taken me some time to digest this. I’m writing it down in a feverish rush, without thinking too much about it. I’m fine, though, even if the above described event is slightly worse than even I and my friends and tribe members are used to. It makes me more dedicated to fight on, not less.


  1. Who the fuck do these wankers thing they are? We live in a "free world" do we? Fuck off you pathetic morons. You want freedom of speech, you come down here and talk to us, don't pick on the few who have the balls to stand up for the rest of us.

    - Craig (@craighall83)

  2. They are truly disgusting "people".

  3. thanks for your bravery, and your voice!

  4. Thank you, yourself, for your support.

  5. Very often i have seen this happend. When wrong people becomes "police". Some of them are simply assholes that enjoy using violance...other are.nervouse wreks that strike hard to get a upper hand thinking "if i hurt them bad.they cant figth back"
    I seen this many times when i.was paramedic... one time a cop tried that on me.but i broke his clavicle ..he did not know i had.train karate in 25 years back then...(i had just arrived and had nothing to do with the protests..) i told him i HOPE you take me to court...we need to get rid of some nazibreeds...but when he saw me get back in my car and speed off with blue ligths and sirenes on to next mission. It took only 2 days before he send an excuse and asked if we could forgett it all..
    I told him i have seen TO much of this..and that we did not need criminals as long as we had the police.....well.he resigned from police.few weeks later...good luck.M..hug to U ♥

  6. Force is indeed the only language they understand, and you gain nothing by being nice to them.