Saturday, August 07, 2010

A good thing

It is great when Gisele Bündchen speaks out in favor of breastfeeding. There is too much propaganda today for the formula shit people can buy at stores. Artificial is better, it says, than doing it the natural way, a statement used often today, in many areas. And many people listen when Gisele speaks, inevitably. A lot can be said about that, but at least in this, one case it’s a good thing.

Of course natural breast-milk is healthier and better for the child than that other shit. In fact that other shit is clearly downright harmful, because it’s woefully lacking in essential ingredients.

There are those women that for some reason or another are unable to nurse their children. I’m not going after them at all. I’m just pointing out yet another crucial truth present day humanity seems to have forgotten and misplaced.

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