Sunday, August 08, 2010

Review of «the Defenseless» by Amos Keppler

This is one of the few reviews I’ve written, one of the few I’ll ever write.

Most of my few reviews I do because they’re worth it, and this is worth it beyond my ability to describe.

It… grabs you from the very first sentence and never let go. It grabs you harder, and painfully so, as the story progresses.

It’s about growing up in today’s brutal and beyond destructive society, about alienation, the beyond powerful desire for freedom and everything in one, boiling package.

I can guarantee you one thing: you’ve never read anything even remotely similar before.

If the reader’s eyes are closed they’re forced open quite fast. If he or she has any illusions of the world, they’re quickly deprived of such.

We follow three siblings and their friends through adolescence in a typical American suburb, but it could be virtually anywhere in the modern Western world. The stench of the blood flowing from open wounds is impossible to ignore. This isn’t a book for small children. Thank the Goddess!

I had the pleasure of reading it the first time several years ago. It only gets better the second time around.

Amos is a self-publishing author, and they’re the best kind, almost the only kind in today’s inhuman world worth reading.

We get honesty from that kind of author, that kind of artist. In this story it’s pervasive beyond belief. This is the world in all its horror and «glory». Be welcome to it.

No human being calling himself or herself radical should miss this book. No one should, period. Everybody should read it, and perhaps learn something crucial about the world they live in, about themselves, and be forever changed.

It is that explosive, that powerful, so filled with substance and fire.

And the best news of all: This is just the first of 12 - twelve - novels from Amos’ hand that will be published during the next three years.

Look out, society and tremble at your rotten core.

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