Sunday, March 31, 2013

Behind the illusion

  There are many ongoing propaganda campaigns, many elaborate deceptions that have become so successful that they have replaced obvious truths in the public’s mind, that have done so to such a degree that to even suggest that it is lies put forth by a smooth propaganda machine is seen as hearsay.
  Western people’s acceptance of the ongoing Zionist atrocities in Palestine is one.
  The image of the United States as a benevolent democracy is clearly another, perhaps the worst and certainly the most devastating.
  A good number three is the flawless image of Tibet before the Chinese intervention in 1951.
  I get increasingly irritated every time I see yet another quaint quote from the so called Dalai Lama. He can go almost anywhere and be viewed as a sort of second coming. Liberals perceiving themselves as intelligent people have become his eager court, spreading his deception wherever he goes. They gorge on his every word and don’t even attempt to look at him with critical eyes, are not even close at seeing through his charade and hypocrisy.
  Checking of the facts reveals a completely different story.
  Tibet before 1951 was a brutal and oppressive hierarchy ruled by a sadistic Buddhist priesthood. Ordinary people had little or no say in their own lives and were practically slaves to the priests. The Dalai Lama of the time was akin to a king with absolute authority, one which every word was law. The ruling elite subjected ninety percent of the population to horrible atrocities beggaring description. Torture, dismemberment, gouging out eyes, people being skinned alive, rapes and worse were the order of the day.
  The Chinese can hardly be called benevolent either, in any way, but they are minor bullies compared to the tyranny they replaced. They elevated the common man in Tibet and ended or at least attempted to end centuries of inequality, a feudal society making those in Europe and Japan during the middle ages seem like heavens in comparison.
  The Western anti-Chinese, anti-communist information flow after 1951 erased all that, in one of the most successful propaganda campaigns ever. The cruel priests and their brutal enforcers became victims of the «inhuman Chinese military» in the skewed western coverage. Every time the priests attempt to reclaim their authority, and the Chinese stops them from doing so is presented in western media as yet another brutal strike at liberty and democracy. Once again representatives for those in charge twist the truth to suit their purposes. Western countries have a long history of supporting tyranny and this is definitely one of those many times. Countless private and public western organizations work tirelessly to collect funds and to reinstate the brutal theocracy in Tibet, the Tibetan exiles, including the current «Dalai Lama», with contributions from the CIA, among others, enjoying a lavish lifestyle, one deliberately hidden from public view.
  He has supported all recent US-led invasions in Iraq and Afghanistan and elsewhere. The propaganda has made him out to be a champion of non-violence, a modern Gandhi, but he is nothing of the sort. It’s all just more smoke and mirrors.
  Anyone with a truly open mind doing basic research on this will see the concealed truth appear. As is often the case: Facts aren't erased, only hidden from casual curiosity and easily reclaimed by a truly inquisitive mind. Only those mired in dogmatism and brainwashed by established media will fail to see it.
  I knew it was bad, but I didn't realize how bad it actually was. We all tend to be surprised faced with forces of oppression, with people «growing» only when they can rule and brutalize others.
  Buddhism is often presented as the benign religion, or as proof that religion can be benign, for some reason, but it is clear that it isn't any better than the others, all the others.
  The biggest propaganda coup ever, of course is the perception of religion as benevolent, while it is clearly the most malevolent and vile force on the face of the Earth.

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