Sunday, March 03, 2013


  It is time for us all to stop paying, stop paying altogether for watching movies, listening to music and reading books from established publishers/production companies and buying software from greedy companies and watching mainstream television. In case you’re blind and deaf and stupid and haven’t noticed they use their vast income to further subjugate us all in ever more oppressive ways.
  Many people can’t afford it anyway, and are thus closed off from yet another aspect of the modern community. I decided early on that I wouldn't stand for it and have used tons of pirated software. I haven’t paid for music and films for ten years. And yes, I want all of you to join me in this.
  The big companies’ claim that they are the defenders of intellectual property is laughable and people believing them are idiots. Another, not much talked about aspect of what’s currently happening is that those selfsame big companies attempt to acquire all rights to everything, from medical papers to dead artists. Their true, insidious plan is to control all information, making all content theirs and thus manage us even more than they do already.
  The branch organizations, such as MPAA are among the worst terror organizations on the planet. Well aided by the all the politicians they pay off, they make ever more draconian laws and must be stopped.
  Fascism, the intimate cooperation between politicians/government and the corporations has been a reality for a very long time, and is one of the worst aspects of modern existence.
  The corporate domination will cease when we stop buying what they are selling, all that they are selling.

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