Saturday, October 01, 2011


I overheard the following in a music and video store recently:

- Mom, I gotta have this one, gotta have it NOW.

The teenage girl had picked up the recent season collection of one of the most mindless current TV-series, one of those filled with pretty young people and made to celebrate the empty mind, form without content.

- I don’t know if we can afford that right now, honey, the mother said. – We hardly have money for food and won’t get more until next Monday.

- I must have it, the girl whimpered, - must watch it today.

- It costs almost everything we have left, honey, the mother persisted, somewhat patient, but almost as whiny as her daughter. – We won’t have anything to eat for five days.

- I don’t need food, the girl snapped sullenly.

I left. I just couldn’t listen anymore. If I had stayed there a second longer I might have offed both the daughter and her relenting mother.

Case closed. Further comments unnecessary.

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