Saturday, May 19, 2007

A runaway elephant

Ekstrabladet writes about an elephant running away from a circus on Jylland, Denmark, where he had been held captive. It ran off and created chaos on the highway when it decided to stop on the road and rub an itch it had. What a fabulous sight it must have been. Chaos is always great to behold.

Unfortunately as it is the story has a tragic end: the elephant returned to his keepers. It has clearly been too ruined during his time in captivity to seek freedom above all else.

That it is still allowed to keep animals in any circus and in cages on pelt farms, and in laboratories is certainly yet another tragedy elevating the insanity of today’s society. The poor elephant experienced briefly the freedom that should have been a given, to him, to all of us.

This story is presented in a cheerful way in established media, a tiny slice of today’s reality designed to make people chuckle a bit, to make them tell themselves that existence is bearable, after all. Very few think much about the deeper aspects, the horrible consequences of it all.

Damn it, how I loathe the world’s jailers and torturers. My contempt for them is as deep as the ocean.

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