Friday, May 11, 2007


Green is here. Weeks of warm weather didn’t quite cut it, but days of rain after that did the job.

I love spring. Life is undeniable, irresistible then. No amount of oppression anywhere can hide its violent outbreak. Growth itself is wreaking havoc with our bodies, senses and mind. I see green in even the grayest of concrete, of Death. Loss, the loss of spirit is all around us, as it always is in civilization, but muted these days, not nearly as powerful as it seems in the death-sleep season.

The petrol vapor still lingers in the air, its bitter taste reminding us where we are. All the poison, mental and physical, released by current destructive human society is very much present. But its bite is less. These days, briefly, we can easier imagine a different world.

I see trees, and I see the forest. I see it as I walk up and down streets and alleys. I even see it in people’s eyes, briefly, this time of year, as many open their eyes in wonder, as they taste the forgotten and forbidden and catch the scent of life in the wind.

I love spring. People turn wild and daring before my eyes. Chains don’t break, but they turn brittle and weak… at least for a little while, and I enjoy the brief respite from the cold.

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  1. hi maxine,

    happy you like green. heard that one can pick wild berries over there in the forest. elegant piece.