Saturday, May 19, 2007

Gorilla on a rampage

A 180 kg gorilla climbed out of its enclosure at the Blijdorp Zoo in Rotterdam recently. After climbing up the enclosure wall it «ran amok» and bit a woman and injured three other people. The place was evacuated and closed while the gorilla was ganged up on by its keepers and sedated with a dart from a safe distance. The zoo that was filled with visitors reopened later that day.

People are again seemingly shocked at this display of savagery in captured animals, similar to the outrage they display when humans escape from prison. What do they expect? What part of «born to be wild» don’t they get? I certainly feel very antagonistic against anyone who would want to imprison me. So would any sane human being. Unfortunately sanity is in very short supply in today’s world.


  1. so true, sometimes I feel like everyone is walking around with their eyes shut. The insanity is everywhere, very few people seem to realize the natural outcome of cause and effect.

  2. We're abusing animals, putting them in cages, attempting to tame them, tame wild nature. "We" are imprisoning the wild among ourselves, in an attempt to tame ourselves, but it doesn't work, and true Human Beings rejoice. Civilization is about control. That's its function. An ever stronger attempt at neutering the wild. The reaction to this horror must be and should be violent.

  3. The problem I see with violence as it often happens today, is that instead of striking out against the oppressors and oppressive system, people tend to attack those closest to them, or those weaker than them, the rage is released in very unhealthy ways. We need to know who the enemy is , we need to fight against those oppressors who are controlling so much of this world, reclaim it as ours (everyones) and stop fighting each other - this helps to maintain their and the systems power.